Why Toil? Here Comes The Oil! 

An oil that kindles your fire to be steamily hot. Getting slim is not as simple as it seems. It needs a lot of efforts. Efforts not just to work hard but to think smart. Smartness lies not in solely depending upon intense workout and starving diets.  

Smartness actually lies within choosing the correct ways to improve your efforts. Losing weight needs patience and careful thought. MCT Oil is a quick and clean fuel for the body as well as the brain. It is not only concerned with your weight but also your overall bodily performance. 

What Is Onnit MCT Oil? 

MCT is medium chain triglyceride, commonly known as medium chain fatty acids. Medium refers to the number of carbon atoms linked to the main compound. These are fatty acids which help in digestion and combustion of fats in an effective manner. These fatty acids convert excess fats into ketones. This, in turn, kickstarts the ketosis process. MCTs are generally odorless, colorless in nature. They stay liquids at room temperature.  

Onnit MCT Oil is a pure and premium byproduct of all the essential MCTs which your body lacks. It is harvested from coconuts and processed by the method of Fractionation. It consists of approximately 30% of Lauric acid, an important chemical compound of MCT which is a slow-burning source of fuel. Thus, It acts a raw material in the production of monolaurin. Monolaurin is found only in human breast milk. 

Types Of MCT: 

MCT is a combination of four different chemical compounds and each of them has a different function. Following are the compounds: 

  • C6-Caproic acid: This chemical compound is responsible for turning fats into ketones quickly. 
  • C8-Caprylic acid: Caprylic acid has several anti-microbial properties and helps in metabolization into the brain. Therefore, it has been termed as the Brain Octane Oil. It is highly effective in curbing your appetite by suppressing your hunger signals. 
  • C10-Capric acid: It is one of the rarest forms of MCT found and the shortest amongst all MCTs. Therefore, they take time to digest and turn into energy packets. 
  • C12-Lauric acid: Lauric acid break down in your small intestine, absorbs fats present in your blood. It then converts those fats into energy. 

However, C6, C8, and C10 bypass the digestive tract and breakdown inside the liver and then turn into energy packed ketones. 

Benefits Of Onnit MCT Oil: 

  • This oil accelerates the process of weight loss. 
  • Also, it improves mental stability and cognitive performance. 
  • It also enhances athletic performance. 
  • MCTs are a great source of fat digestion. 
  • MCT Oil suppresses your appetite and curbs your untimely hunger pangs. 
  • This oil helps to uplift your energy. 

How To Use Onnit MCT Oil? 

Using Onnit MCT Oil is an easy peasy task. Few drops can cut your fats if you drop it wisely.

  • Add a few drops of MCT Oil in your coffee to make it a power-packed bulletproof coffee. 
  • Use it as your salad dressing and enhance its nutritional values. 
  • You can also add them to your smoothies and make them more delicious.

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