MCT stands for medium chain fatty acids or medium chain triglycerides. These fats are often derived from either coconut oil or palm oil. MCT Oil is the fastest and easiest source of fuel for your mind and body. It takes fewer steps than normal to convert calories into carbohydrates.  

MCT oil has quite a few distinct properties: 

  • Colorless  
  • Odorless 
  • Translucent 
  • Stays liquid at room temperature 

Because of the above-mentioned properties and many more qualities, it is often added to smoothies, food, and coffee for brain-boosting properties. It also keeps you active and energized all day long. 

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Benefits Of MCT Oil 

  • Gets rid of stubborn unwanted fat 
  • Suppresses appetite 
  • Easily digestible unlike other fats 
  • Prevents hunger cravings 
  • Improves immune system 
  • Has antibacterial and antiviral properties 
  • Provides long lasting energy 
  • Improves insulin sensitivity 

MCT Oil And Weight Loss 

MCT or Medium Chain Triglycerides is the type of fatty acid that requires a very minimal action from the liver to convert into fuel for the body, that is, ketones. Ketones are one of the primary sources of energy for the body and are a vital source for generating ATP energy. ATP energy is what helps trigger muscle movement in the body. In the traditional Ketogenic diet, the body runs on ketones rather than on glycogen. MCT oil is a must for people on the keto diet, as it helps in aiding and speeding up the process. 

MCT Oil VS Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil has been running the markets for a very long time as the king of multipurpose oils. However, there are some catches where MCT oil has been taking the front seat.  

Coconut oil contains various strains of fat, and not only of these strains are beneficial to lose weight. Various coconut oil manufacturers have stressed time and again about how coconut oil is a great source of MCT.  This is because coconut oil claims of containing a 62% of MCT concentration. However, there is a catch. This 62% contains 4 different strains of MCT, all of which are not good. Moreover, the MCT’s present in coconut oil is diluted with lauric acid. Lauric acid is highly beneficial as well, but, sadly, it isn’t a true medium chain fatty acid and works differently in the body. 

Here is why coconut oil won’t cut it for your weight loss progress. This oil is twice as effective as coconut oil in generating more number of ketones and burns fats at a faster rate.  For fast and long-lasting energy, MCT Oil is your safest best. 

How To Use MCT Oil  

As mentioned above, this natural fuel, unlike coconut oil, stays liquid at room temperature. Nevertheless, it is known better for improving metabolism and providing rapid energy.  

This oil is also an excellent alternative for people who do not like the taste of coconut oil as it is tasteless. It can be used to as great neutral oil while making homemade mayonnaise or homemade salad dressings. 

Bullet coffee is essentially brewed coffee along with unsalted butter and MCT Oil. This recipe is a gym favorite and people often have it before performing hardcore workouts. It is a high-performance drink that gives you long-lasting energy, improves mental cognition and suppresses hunger. 

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