MCT Oil Coffee 

A lot of people have started using MCT Oil in their appetite. With the increasing fad of MCT Oil, it is necessary to know why people have started using it and what are the benefits. This oil is basically known for its remarkable properties which help in weight loss. It also helps in controlling your appetite, improving your focusing power and many more benefits. Apparently, a lot of people have started using MCT oil in coffee for its extraordinary health benefits. MCT oil coffee also known as bulletproof coffee has become one of the best ways to have coffee and get sufficiently extra energy for the whole day.  

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What Is MCT Oil Coffee? 

MCT oil stand for medium-chain triglycerides. Basically, these chains come in different sized such as small, medium and long. Out of which MCTs are considered to be medium chain fatty acids. While MCT Oil coffee is a blend of butter (can also be replaced by ghee), MCT oil and coffee. You have to blend this and after which you will have your frothy bulletproof coffee. All you have to do is: 

  • Put in you most liked coffee 
  • Add in butter or ghee 
  • Include some MCT Oil in it. 
  • Add some water and Blend it. 

Benefits Of MCT Oil Coffee. 

  • Is beneficial for weight loss: This coffee is not like any other coffee as it helps in stimulating weight loss. Due to the presence of MCT oil in this coffee, it helps in reducing weight and helps in maintaining body composition. It also helps in attaining the state of satiety which is why you don’t feel hungry for hours. It also helps the body to burns fat to produce energy. 
  • Acts as a fuel to the body: Bulletproof coffee helps in producing energy to the body with the help of MCT. As MCT is absorbed in the body rapidly it does not take time to travel from the gut to the liver. It does not require to break down with the help of bile enzyme like how longer chains need to.
  • Helps in improving one’s immune system: The MCT Oil present in the coffee consist of some coconut oil in it. Coconut oil contains lauric acids and capric acids which have many antifungal properties and antibacterial properties. These acids help in improving one’s immune system. 
  • Curbs your appetite: This coffee helps in keeping control over your hunger pangs and craving, it helps in curbing your hunger. It helps you full for a longer time. Having bulletproof coffee for breakfast helps in remaining full for more time. 
  • Tastes creamy and frothy: By adding MCT Oil in your coffee can help you to make it frothier and creamier. It tastes better than the normal coffee which why a lot of people have started consuming bulletproof coffee. 
  • Reduces risk for heart diseases: With the increasing heart problems, it is necessary to find out some solution. MCT works perfectly to prevent a lot of chronic issues such as cholesterol, blood pressure, obesity, etc. 


Therefore, we can conclude by saying that having bulletproof coffee or MCT oil coffee is good but to an extent, as it has butter and MCT oil which both contains fats in it. 

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