Enema; Pushing Out Your Waste

Enema generally means when you insert a liquid or a gas into the lower part of the large intestine, i.e. the rectum. The aim is to basically empty your bowels. When people suffer from severe constipation, it does the job of getting your waste out when you couldn’t do it yourself.

Enemas are available at the medical stores, kits that you can use at home. Sometimes, after an enema, people cannot stop pooping. Therefore, we advise that you consult a doctor for a safe procedure. The enema should only be considered at the time of necessity and one must also avoid doing it frequently as it may lead to possible injury. How Long After Enema Will I Stop Pooping? These side effects are to be carefully looked upon in order to stave off of them.

When Do You Use It?

Enemas are used to treat some medical conditions but are also used to prepare people for specific medical procedures. People suffering from severe constipation use enema for relief. Namely, two types of enemas are used to treat constipation. Retention enema stays in the body for a longer period of time and soaks the stool to make its pathway easy. The other is normally used to lubricate the rectum for the quick passage of stools.

Enema is performed before taking up colonoscopy as the bowels must be empty. It is also used to supply medicine to treat problems such as inflammatory bowel disease. Surgeries related to the anal region or the colon might also require the patient to consider taking an enema.

The Side Effects

We are not professionals. The rectum is a very delicate and sensitive part of your body. It is considered as a great measure to treat medical problems but it has to be administered safely. The enema should not be taken up constantly as it may lead to severe injuries to the rectum and might also lead to a possible infection.

Don’t cause another problem while trying to treat one. Make sure that you be gentle.

The Scare

How Long After Enema Will You Stop Pooping? Yes, we know that this is the first question that pops up in your mind. You might feel a bit embarrassing but you should not! It is actually normal for someone to ask about this. You have a right to know what to expect, especially when you’re going to try it for the very first time. Your body might react to different enemas differently. So we suggest that you consult your doctor to know what’s the best option for you.

As mentioned, the effects can be contrasting for everyone. A one way trip for some and the others, well a maybe a lot of traffic? You might also have to take up more trips than usual. Still, you might not have to take a day off. Generally, it is stated that it can start working in about 7 to 10 minutes and might last as long as 60 minutes.

The enema is advised to be held in for at least two minutes to start its procedure. Doctors can help you to find out which type of Enema might be the best for you. Till then, be patient and learn more about how it works. Make sure that you’re near to a toilet when you’ve taken an enema to avoid a disaster. We hope you recover soon!


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How Long After Enema Will I Stop Pooping
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