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No wonder it sounds different but is completely sane. Now, an oil takes the burden off your shoulders for losing weight. There are various methods available to cut down a few pounds but this method is unique and reportedly effective. MCT Oil is globally accepted as one of the best fuels you can add for accelerating weight loss.MCT basically means medium chained triglycerides or medium chained fatty acids. In short, this oil breaks down your fats & converts them into energy packets. The most amazing characteristic of Emulsified MCT Oil is that it kickstarts your energy and improves cognitive health.    

Weight loss is a hefty job but with proper supplements, it is a joyful journey. Without wasting time, let us have a closer look at how a simple oil makes the whole process simpler.

Difference between MCT and Emulsified MCT Oil: 

Emulsified MCT Oil is water-soluble whereas regular MCT Oil is insoluble.  

Emulsified MCTs gets mixed very easily into both hot and cold liquids.  

EMCTs are easier to digest than the conventional MCTs 

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How are EMCT Oils obtained? 

Like MCT Oils, Emulsified MCT Oils are also extracted from coconut oil and palm kernel. They are also apparent in full-fat yogurt, grass-fed butter, whole milk, palm oils and few types of cheeses. These fatty acids are extracted from coconut oils using the process of fractionation. Most of the content lost during the extraction is the lauric acid but then added back as well. 

Emulsification is an essential scientific process that allows two or more liquids to blend well so that they can be easily digested. Fats are hard to digest because they are poorly soluble. Hence, they get accumulated for a long time and form layers. Thus, Emulsified MCT Oils are utmost important to make this process easy and rapid.  

Benefits of Emulsified MCT Oils: 

  • The most significant advantage of Emulsified MCT Oil is enhancing cognitive ability and mental stability. 
  • Its main aim is to accelerate the process of weight loss with the help of rapid digestion. 
  • This oil has a high card in increasing metabolism. 
  • It also uplifts the energy to the max level and makes sure that you won’t feel dizzy throughout the day. 
  • EMCTs are best at intensifying the athletic performance.  
  • Such oils are great at regulating your insulin levels and thus saving you from various heart diseases.  
  • This emulsified oil helps to keep your mind sharp, active and focused. 

How Do You Use Emulsified MCT Oils? 

These oils can be used in a super simple manner. You just need to add a few drops of the oil into: 

  • Your salads as a dressing. 
  • Your coffees to make it a bulletproof coffee. 
  • Your smoothies as a blender.   

Is Using Emulsified MCT Oil Safe? 

Yes, as Emulsified MCT Oil is obtained from organic elements such as coconut oil, palm extracts, there is no chance of any side effect. In fact, the whole process of fractionization is supported by various levels of filtration methods and processes. Thus, you can take a sigh of relief and enjoy its benefits. 

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