What Is Coconut oil? 

Coconut oil is basically the oil extracted from the meaty of the kernel part of the coconut. Extracting coconut oil has various methods which is why the taste and quality of the oil differs.it is saturated medium-chain fatty acids. All the other chains are mostly long chains which is why coconut oil is considered to be unique and the healthiest alternative. 

What Is Coconut Oil Used For? 

  • It is used for skin and hair: This oil is one of the most used oil for skin and hair since ages. This oil has the perfect fat composition for moisturizing your hair and skin. 
  • Helps in boosting your mental focus: This oil helps a lot in improving your cognitive functions and helps you to stay focus. 
  • It is great for cooking: Coconut oil has many nutritional properties which helps it to not get rancid easily and tastes good when used in cooking. 

What is MCT oil? 

MCT oil basically is an abbreviation for “medium chain triglycerides” or “medium chain fatty acids”. This oil is usually used in adding it in smoothies, salads and even in coffee. As these chains are of shorter length they get digested very easily and help in weight loss in various ways. MCT oil is a combination of coconut oil and palm oil. This oil is known for increasing the feeling of being full in the body as in it suppresses your appetite and helps in controlling your hunger.  It is also useful in curing diseases such as epilepsy, autism and Alzheimer’s.  

What is MCT oil used for? 

  • Helps in controlling your appetite: This oil helps in suppressing your appetite and helps you to control your cravings. . Also, it is observed that when people dealing with obesity have consumed MCT Oil it has rather helped them in boosting their metabolism and helped in controlling their want to it because if cravings and hunger pangs.  
  • Keeps control over your insulin levels: This oil helps in keeping control over your insulin levels. They help in reducing inflammation and increases one’s cognitive functions as well. It acts stabilizer in controlling the insulin levels in the person body. 
  • Helps in increasing the nutrient absorption: As we know this oil helps in digesting the food in a faster pace. Due to the shorter chains it becomes easy to digest the consumed food. Nutrients are absorbed faster in to the blood with the help of MCT oil.

Coconut oil Vs MCT Oil

Coconut oil is made from extracting oil from the fruit available from it. Mostly dried coconuts are used in the production of coconut oil. While MCT oil is made of two oils coconut oil and palm oil. Although more of coconut oil is used in MCT oil.  

  • Usually, coconut oil is used in food while preparing the food and MCT oil is used mostly in dressings. 
  • Coconut oil contains an approximate of 90 percent of saturated fatty acids while MCT oil is totally made of saturated fats. 
  • Coconut oil is cheaper than MCT oil and coconut oil is consumed by the people than MCT oil. 
  • Apart from cooking coconut oil is used in beauty products and MCT Toil is used in supplements to boost energy.

Therefore it can be said that coconut oil is beneficial than MCT oil in various ways but MCT oil is a very good substance for boosting energy.

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