The Code For Better Ketone Production 

Ketones are not just trendy today but an urge of our body in order to accelerate weight loss. If you are a keto person, this information will make your day. If not, knowledge never goes in the trash. C8 MCT Oil is an advanced version of MCT which will benefit you in the long run.

Caprylic Acid makes your job easy. It burns your fat quickly and helps them to escalate your intestines smoothly. C8 is Caprylic Acid which is a chemic compound found in MCT that is Medium Chain Triglycerides also known as medium chain fatty acids. Caprylic acid is also known as Octanoic Acid. C8 Caprylic acid has its presence in A) perfumery and manufacturing dyes as a means of production of esters B) breweries, wineries,  and dairy equipment as an antimicrobial pesticide and so on. 

What Are MCTs? 

MCTs are medium chain triglycerides, which bypass the digestive tract, breakdown inside the liver and turn into energy packed ketones. The fatty acids basically break down in your small intestine, absorbs fat present in your blood to convert into energy. They are found mostly in coconut oil and palm kernel. It is odorless and tasteless. It stays liquid at room temperature.  

Caprylic Acid is the current buzz as the best means of ketone production, weight loss, and energy. As MCTs are often used as the blending element in the ketogenic diet. In simple words, it enhances the effect of weight loss by enabling the fats to breakdown and digest easily as well as smoothly.  

Pure C8 MCT Oil contains MCTs in 99 %. The most noteworthy thing here is C8 has the highest quality of MCT present in it.  

Few Benefits Of C8 MCT Oil Are: 

  • C8 MCT suppresses appetite and reduces food cravings. 
  • C8 has a greater effect on appetite and weight loss, as compared to other chemical compounds of MCT. 
  • C8 is an abundant source of antimicrobial properties. 
  • It works best to combat conditions like frequent urination and tooth infections. 
  • As Caprylic acid has the shortest chain length of fatty acids, thus they are easy to digest. 
  • Body processes C8 much more quickly than other fats and carbohydrates.  
  • It boosts your energy to a reasonably high level. 
  • This fatty acid also improves insulin sensitivity. 
  • Over time, these improve gut health too. 
  • This is a more concentrated compound; thus, its effect lasts longer. 

Shorter Carbon Chains means your body will have to spend less time and energy behind converting MCT molecules into ketones. C8 molecules are easily and quickly transformed and can be instantly used.  

How To Use C8 MCT Oil: 

Pure C8 MCTs are also odorless and tasteless. However, those can be used in various other ways to enhance your ketogenic diet. 

  • You can add them to your morning coffee to make it a power-packed bulletproof coffee. 
  • Add them into your breakfast smoothies and shakes. Just as your pre or post workouts liquids, C8 would do well in your protein-rich shakes. 
  • You can add a few drops into your salad dressings. MCT Oil can go well with green leafy vegetables too.

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